Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chitti Aayi Hai - Pankaj Udhas


 Chitti Aayi Hai Vatan Se Chitti Aayi Hai
The letter has come from motherland
Bade Dinon Ke Baad Hum Bevatnon Ko Yaad
After a long time they remembered us who are away from home
Vatan Ki Mitti Aayi Hai Chitti Aayi Hai
The letter has come with the soil of motherland
Upar Mera Naam Likha Hai
My name is written on the top
Andar Ye Paigham Likha Hai
With this message inside
Oh Pardes Ko Jaanewale
Those who goes abroad
Laut Ke Phir Na Aanewale
And who never come back
Saat Samundar Paar Gaya Tu
You have crossed seven seas
Humko Zinda Maar Gaya Tu
By killing us alive
Khoon Ke Rishte Todd Gaya Tu
By breaking the bond of blood
Aankh Mein Aansoo Chod Gaya Tu
And left tears in eyes
Kam Khaate Hain Kam Sote Hain
We eat less, sleep less
Bahut Zyaada Hum Rote Hain
But cry a lot
Sooni Ho Gayi Shehar Ki Galiyaan
The streets of the town feels empty
Kaante Ban Gayi Baag Ki Kaliyaan
The flowers of our garden feels like thorns
Kehte Hain Saawan Ke Jhule
The spring tells us
Bhool Gaya Tu Hum Nahin Bhoole
You've forgotten us, but we haven't
Tere Bin Jab Aayi Diwali
In Diwali without you
Deep Nahin Dil Jale Hain Khaali
It's not the lamp, our heart burns empty
Tere Bin Jab Aayi Holi
In Holi without you
Pichkaari Se Chooti Goli
The water-guns shoots bullet
Peepal Soona Panghat Soona
The shade is empty, so is the pond
Ghar Shamshaan Ka Bana Namoona
Home feels like grave
Fasal Kati Aayi Baisakhi
Harvest is over, and the festival has come
Tera Aana Reh Gaya Baaki
Awaiting your return now
Pehle Jab Tu Khat Likhta Tha
When you used to write earlier
Kaagaz Mein Chehra Dikhta Tha
I could see your face in the paper
Bandh Hua Yeh Mel Bhi Ab To
It has stopped now
Khatam Hua Yeh Khel Bhi Ab To
This game is over now
Doli Mein Jab Baitti Behna
When your sister was leaving to husband's home
Rasta Dekh Rahe The Naina
Her eyes were longing for you
Mein To Baap Hoon Mera Kya Hai
I am dad, don't bother about me
Teri Maa Ka Haal Bura Hai
But your mom is disappointed
Teri Biwi Karti Hai Seva
Your wife is doing her work
Soorat Se Lagti Hai Bewa
She looks like a widow now
Tune Paisa Bahut Kamaaya
You have earned a lot
Iss Paise Ne Desh Chudaaya
This money has taken you away from home
Desh Paraayaa Chhod Ke Aajaa
Leave the strange country and come home
Panchhi Pinjra Todh Ke Aaja
Break the cage and come home
Aajaa Umar Bahut Hai Chotti
Come back, you are still young
Apane Ghar Mein Bhi Hain Roti
We are doing good at home too

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